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Loreaon, Online Mech Warfare
Welcome to the Loreaon Wiki!

Loreaon is mainly a character building game where you level-up by fighting other players. You can increase your stats as you level or train at the gym as well as acquire new gear items which greatly boost your powers.

Not all has to do with fighting though, and there are two main competition areas where you can also compete to be number 1, but does not require traditional combat.

Another main factor in Loreaon is economy and your personal wealth. The more credits you have, the higher level gear you can buy, as well as afford repairs for those gear items, purchase stronger potions and revivers, stat boosters and much more. You can make credits through training in a profession, winning the lottery and more!

Clans add an important dynamic to your experience on Loreaon. When you are in a clan, you have more people to talk to, exchange tips with, make trades or take part in clan wars. You can also receive gifts from your clan or help in various forms (items, gear, credits...) and gain rankings depending on your clan's rank structure.

Of course, a strong component of Loreaon is its social aspect. Not only can you make friends with other players, but you can send messages (via your Inbox), chat live and even comment on their Public Profiles.

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